365 Memphians – Days 133, 134 and 135

Posted by Holly Whitfield | May 16th 2011 1053 0

365 Memphians - Lauren Rae Holterman


Lauren Rae Holterman is an illustrator, designer and generally awesome lady. She’s the intern at Combustion, and part of the Rozelle Artists Guild, where she helps organize events like Project Sketchbook.

365 Memphians - Ariel Antonio

134 / 365

This is photographer (and constant Twitter-er) Ariel Antonio at the I Love Memphis Mural launch party. He took a break from work to come say hi and take a few pictures for his photoblog.

365 Memphians - Marybeth Conley

135 / 365

Marybeth Conley is an anchor at News Channel 3. You can usually catch her on Live at 9 every morning at 9 a.m.

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  1. lashuna hall says:

    look at u !!!! u doing it and im so proud of u buster!!! keep up the good work and remember what i told u about networking:)

  2. Kim Ridley says:

    So, So proud of you Lauren!

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