Hipsters, Rejoice! Urban Outfitters is Open in Memphis

Posted by Holly Whitfield | March 29th 2011 2208 0

Judging by the crowds that packed the parking lot was over the weekend, you guys are really excited about the brand-new Memphis location of Urban Outfitters. When I stopped by yesterday, the crowd was unexpectedly large for a Monday afternoon.

Urban Outfitters, Memphis, Tenn.

Though Urban Outfitters is a national chain, it’s worth noting that their stores are all tailored to their location. Meaning, their stock varies by store and that they try to fit in with the neighborhoods that they move into.

In the case of the Memphis store, that meant fixing up a long-empty building at the corner of Central and Cooper. They ripped down the building’s gross stucco-y facade and exposed the original brick exterior. Inside, the two-level space is warm and inviting with shiny wood floors, exposed brick and slatted wooden dividers.

Inside Urban Outfitters, Memphis, Tenn.

You would be right to say that Urban Outfitters is something of a hipster mecca. While they have a fairly wide range of clothing for girls and guys, it’s definitely targeted at those who are still at an age where taking huge fashions risks is perfectly acceptable.

It’s definitely trendy (there are a lot of shiny tanks and 1980s-style florals), but there are also plenty of cute basics (think solid or patterned t-shirts, jeans, hoodies, tights). The Memphis shop has pieces from the Urban Renewal line, which upcycles thrifted goods. Also, despite opening last Thursday, there’s already a sale rack.

While a lot of the clothing isn’t really my thing, the store does have some interesting housewares and bedding. They also carry kitschy coffee table books, records (but not the same ones that you’d find at Goner or Shangri-la), Lomography cameras and bar-ware.

Shoes at Hats, Urban Outfitters, Memphis, Tenn.

Urban Outfitters is open most days until 9 p.m. The parking situation in front of the building is a little ridiculous, so park in the lot behind the building (next to the old Two-Way) and walk around.

Go There:

Urban Outfitters

2151 Central

Memphis, TN 38104

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