Score Some Comfort Food at Broad Ave.’s Newest Diner (closed)

Posted by Holly Whitfield | September 22nd 2010 1715 0

After a months of anticipation (and a little permit drama), Three Angels Diner has opened in the Broad Ave. Arts District.

The diner is the the latest restaurant by Jason and Rebecca Severs (who also own fancy Italian joint Bari). I’ve never eaten at Bari, but if it’s as good as Three Angels, I’m totally interested.

The food at Three Angels is decidedly low key. The menu’s full of simple diner classics – fried chicken, meat and twos, adult grilled cheese, salads. It’s also completely affordable, with most dishes under $10.

I had a fried chicken breast, a cup of vegetable soup and some garlic mashed potatoes. The chicken was crispy and light and the mashed potatoes had tons of flavor. I loved the vegetable soup. It was full of tomatoes, potatoes, celery and carrots in light, slightly sweet broth. (A note for vegans and vegetarians – the soup was made with chicken broth.)

Since the restaurant is brand new, they’re still trying to work a few of the kinks out. While all of my food was great, it could have been more consistently heated. Also, know that Three Angels doesn’t have beer yet (they’ve applied for their permits).

Overall, I’m excited about Three Angels as an addition to the Broad Ave. Arts District. I love that they’re open late every night (think 2 a.m.). The cozy, bright space is completely casual and kid-friendly.

Go There:

Three Angels Diner

2617 Broad Ave.

Memphis, TN, 38112

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  1. Joey says:

    They told us yesterday they’ll have liquor around Tuesday of next week. Also, the Colossus burger is AMAZING.

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