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Posted by Holly Whitfield | July 13th 2010 1414 0

Ramses the Great and I, Memphis, Tenn.

Ramses the Great and I, Memphis, Tenn.

You asked for a photo of Ramses the Great and I, and I delivered. Ok, so this photo is more of me than Ramses, but the statue of the Egyptian ruler was a little large to fit into one photo.

Here’s Ramses:

Ramses the Great at the Pyramid, Memphis, Tenn.

Ramses the Great at the Pyramid, Memphis, Tenn.

Ramses stands guard over the large reflective Pyramid in downtown Memphis. When the Pyramid was built, it was an arena and event space. For the past handful of years, the Pyramid has been largely unused.

However, it’s about to get a new life. Bass Pro Shops has entered into a deal with the city to turn the space into a Bass Pro Shop and space for offices and other retail.

With Bass Pro moving into the Pyramid, there’s no telling what’s going to happen to the 5,000 pound statue. For now, he’s still in front of the Pryamid, spending his days posing for photos with tourists.

Go There:

Memphis Pyramid

1 A.W. Willis avenue
Memphis, TN 38105
(901) 521-7909

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  1. ismh says:

    I wonder what the city will do with the bricks out front with people’s names on them…

  2. Amy says:

    I imagine it will get removed as it might “offend” the average bass pro shopper. Sad.

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