Stay in Memphis for $15 per Night at the Pilgrim House

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It’s entirely possible to stay in a clean, safe, friendly place in the heart of Memphis for $15 a night. That is, if you don’t mind sharing and cleaning up after yourself.

The place is Pilgrim House, Memphis’ only hostel.

Pilgrim House Hostel, Memphis, Tenn.

Pilgrim House Hostel, Memphis, Tenn.

The Pilgrim house is located inside First Congregational Church in Cooper Young. It’s a little more cozy than the average hotel. When I stopped by, a college student was working in the library, the RAs were checking people in, and a man who had walked to Memphis from California was talking about his adventures with a small pack of Australians in the hostel’s sunny kitchen.

It’s only $15 per person to stay in one of the shared dorms at the Pilgrim House. There are two single-sex dorms and one co-ed dorm, each with several sets of bunk beds. There are also a handful of private rooms, which are are $30 for one person (plus $15 for each additional person). There is a private bathroom, as well as dorm-style bathrooms.

The last room, Pilgrim House Hostel, Memphis, Tenn.

The last room, Pilgrim House Hostel, Memphis, Tenn.

Guests are allowed to use the kitchen and the library, take whatever they want from the free food stash, and rent bicycles for the day through Revolutions Community Bike Shop (which is located in the same building).

There’s just one catch – because Pilgrim House is a hostel, they ask that everyone who stays there pitch in by doing a small chore. Most of the chores are things like unloading the dishwasher, taking the recycling out or sweeping the kitchen –  they’re light and take about five minutes.

The Pilgrim House is open year round, and you can check in daily until 8 p.m. (If you need to make arrangements to check in later, just call ahead.)

Go there:

Pilgrim House

1000 South Cooper Street
Memphis, TN 38104
(901) 273-8341

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