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Posted by Holly Whitfield | April 14th 2010 1871 0

Rain Sushi Bar, Cordova, Tenn.

Rain Sushi Bar, Cordova, Tenn.

When I was growing up in Cordova, the closest sushi restaurant was the Sekisui at Humphreys and Walnut Grove. This afternoon, I ventured out to the ‘burbs to try Rain, one of several sushi joints on Germantown Rd.

Rain bills itself as a “premier sushi bar and bistro”. The interior is dark and sleek, in a way that made me forget for a few minutes that the restaurant is located in a shopping center. The main dining room is decorated with brushed metal, blond wood and fish tanks, which give it a sort of lounge-y vibe.

Sushi from Rain, Cordova, Tenn.

Sushi from Rain, Cordova, Tenn.

Rain has a full Japanese menu, but I decided to stick with sushi. I ordered two rolls and some crabstick nigiri (a big chunk of cooked crab on a slab of rice).  The sushi menu is broken up into sections – there’s a list of basic favorites, cooked specialty rolls and raw specialty rolls. Each roll is eight pieces of sushi.

My Philly roll had big chunks of salmon, avocado and a cream cheese. It was tasty with a tiny bit of wasabi and ginger, but a little on the mushy side. I also had a Dark Lulu Roll from the raw menu. It was awesome – the roll was filled with crab, avocado and cilantro and topped with shrimp, salmon and sweet chili sauce.

Rain is open from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. for lunch, and nightly for dinner at 5 p.m.

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1250 North Germantown Parkway
Cordova, TN 38016
(901) 746-9455

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  1. Smackie Chan says:

    crabstick is not crab.

  2. Joe Wang says:

    The Rain roll is great, and their calamari is also pretty darn good.

  3. handtalker says:

    The Rain salad and tuna pizza are TO DIE FOR! Just don’t go on a night where there’s live music or you won’t be able to hear your companion over the din.

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