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I’m not sure if you’ve figured it out yet, but baked goods are totally the way to my heart. I spend a lot of time trolling bakeries around town, sampling cookies and bread and pie.

Today, I stopped into Big Ono Bakery on Front St. The Hawaiian bakery is just a block from my office and they’ve got some of the best bread, scones and cookies in town.

Cookies at Big Ono Bakery, Memphis, Tenn.

Cookies at Big Ono Bakery, Memphis, Tenn.

While owner Howard Montgomery was living in Hawaii, he purchased a bakery with a friend and began making bread. When his business partner moved back to Memphis, Howard came back, too. Big Ono Bakery has been open on Front St. for nearly two years.

When I stopped in today, Howard was working on some butter rolls. He rolled out a huge sheet of floured dough, smeared butter on it with a trowel-looking implement, and rolled the dough into a huge snake.

Making butter rolls at Big Ono Bakery, Memphis, Tenn.

Making butter rolls at Big Ono Bakery, Memphis, Tenn.

Big Ono is one of the few bakeries in Memphis that make fresh bread daily. Howard says that they make a big batch of dough, then just pull from it as needed throughout the day. That means that all of Big Ono’s bread is insanely fresh. The scones, Lava Rolls (sort of like cinnamon rolls), cookies, and filled cupcakes are made in the shop daily.  Everything is deliciously doughy and sweet.

Howard told me that Big Ono is expanding its reach around town, too. You can buy their breads at all of the Easy Way stores and Miss Cordelia’s on Mud Island. They’re also going to be back at the Memphis Farmer’s Market and at the Botanic Gardens Farmers Market this year.

Go There:

Big Ono Bake Shop
Open Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. – 3 p.m.
116 South Front Street
Memphis, TN 38103
(901) 522-8999

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  1. charise hansen says:

    Best cookies ever!!!

  2. Kat Gordon says:

    Muddy’s hearts Big Ono bread!

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