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Posted by Holly Whitfield | September 22nd 2009 2767 0

Ed. Note: DeJaVu has moved locations to 51 South Main St.

Happy first birthday, DeJaVu Restaurant!

I had no idea that the Cajun and vegan restaurant even existed until this morning when Thomas from MIFA mentioned it to me. He said that it’s one of the MIFA crew’s favorite lunch spots.

It’s a favorite with good reason – the gumbo I had was seasoned perfectly and was full of big chunks of sausage, chicken and shrimp. It came with rice and three big slices of French bread.

There are a lot of New Orleans favorites on the menu – alligator stew, gumbo, shrimp and sausage pasta and bread pudding are all represented.  DeJaVu also has plenty of offerings for vegans –  the fake chicken salad and mushroom hoagies sounded great. All of the food is less than $15, and you get a ton of it.

DeJaVu is a bit hard to find, though. It’s on Florida, just south of Crump, in an unremarkable yellow brick building that you’ll miss if you aren’t paying attention. There are a few parking spaces, but if they’re full, it’s fine to park on the side street.

The restaurant is tiny – there are only six four-top tables inside. I went around 1 p.m. and grabbed the last available table. If you’re wanting to eat lunch there but don’t want to wait, they take to-go orders.

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DeJaVu Restaurant

51 S. Main St.

Memphis, TN 38103

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  1. amy says:

    what were the veggie/vegan dishes like? as a meat lover i’m always looking for new places to bring my vegan best friend.

  2. admin says:

    I didn’t try any, but Thomas from MIFA said that his veggie co-worker loves the mushroom hoagie. There were also some vegetarian pastas, meat substitute dishes (mock chicken salad – like real chicken salad, but with fake chicken) and sides (the citrus spinach sounded awesome).

  3. angee says:

    I love DEJAVU. They have alot of delishous vegetarian dishes. The vegetables are very fresh. I have tried every vegetarian dish on the menu. ALL DELISHOUS!!!!

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  7. god says:

    We’re coming back to Memphis and our first stop will be DeJAVU ! Can’t wait. Good food, great people. Kind of spooky after dark…

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