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Posted by Holly Whitfield | September 11th 2009 2316 0

Here’s another one from the scavenger hunt list – a picture of the Sputnik at Joe’s Liquors in Midtown.

The Sputnik is one of my favorite local landmarks. I drive past it almost daily and it always makes me smile.

The points of the Sputnik have colored neon lights around them. Notice that the ball that the spikes are connected to is made of two half circles. Each half circle rotates individually, making the whole thing a brightly colored moving mass of fun.

If you want to see it for yourself, it’s outside Joe’s Liquors on the corner of Poplar and Belvedere in Midtown. Make sure to stop into the store while you’re there – they have a huge wine selection, plenty of hard liquor and a section of craft beers. The staff is as abundant as they are friendly and they know what they’re talking about. (Example – David definitely knows what he’s talking about).

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